Room on the Broom

著者 :
  • Macmillan Children's Books (2002年9月20日発売)
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The witch and a cat sat on their broomstick
and flew through the wind.
While they are flying, the wind blew so wildly
and it blew off the witch's hat, her bow and her wand.
They flew to the ground to search those items and met a dog,
a bird and a frog. They asked the witch room for them.
All of them rode on the broom and flew over the moors
and the mountains happily.
Suddenly the broom snapped in two!
The cat, the dog, the bird and a frog fell into a bog.
The witch kept flying for a while, but unfortunately
a dragon found her and wanted to have her as witch and chips
for its tea. The witch cried for the help.
The cat, the dog, the bird and the frog disguised themselves
as a huge scary monster by the broom and the cauldron covered with mud.
The dragon was so scared that he gave the witch to them.
The witch was so happy that she did a special magic
and made a truly magnificent broom.

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