Memoirs of a Geisha: A Novel (Vintage Contemporaries)

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This is so different from geisha's realities of the present days. I wonder how many readers outside Japan would realise it.

Some of words that the author translated are wrong. There are nuances and he failed in expressing them.

The story, too, is not quite real. How come doesn't this Sayuri ever take any younger sister? Popular geishas have to take some later on. By the age of late 20s, how could she escape from it? And how could "Mother" be satisfied with the money from the "Chairman"? It means the end of the okiya. As for "danna", even back then geishas had choices to say no. Plus, most of geishas did not care as much as this Sayuri about it, because it is just another source of income. Even today, the beauty of geishas is that they live in love but they don't die for it. They know how to control their living, and be successful.

To me this still remains to be a book that lost sense in translation.


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