Upheaval: How Nations Cope with Crisis and Change

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  • Allen Lane (2019年5月7日発売)
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Asian mainland was commanded by young hothead
officers who did not have experience abroad (unless in Nazi Germany),and who did not obey orders from experienced Japanese leaders in Tokyo.


There were several reasons. One is that Britain learned lessons from its expensive defeat in the American Revolution, changed its policies towards its white colonies, and readily granted self-government to Canada, New Zealand,and its Australian colonies.


Japan is the world's third-most egalitarian nation in its distribution of income, behind only Denmark and Sweden.

In the workplace, Japanese women have low participation and low pay. Participation declines steeply with increasing level of responsibility.

One reason is economics: it's cheaper and more comfortable to remain single and live at home with one's parents than to move out, marry, and have to pay for one's apartment plus the expenses of children.
Especially for women, marriage and motherhood can be economically catastrophic by making it difficult for them to obtain or retain a job.
Another reason offered is the freedom of being single, a consideration especially for women who do not want to end up shouldering the responsibility of the household, husband, child care , their own elderly parents,and their husband's elderly parents.

Japan's next neglected big problem, after immigration, is the effect of Japan's wartime behavior towards China and Korea on its current relations with those countries.

To many Americans, it seems only a matter of time before China overtakes us economically and militarily. We increasingly hear claims that the 21st century will become an Asian century - specifically, a Chinese century.

the decline of what is termed "social capital"
"social capital" refers to connections among individuals-social networks and the norms of reciprocity and trustworthiness that arise from them.


Inn the U.S. it's more complicated. It's not enough to be an American citizen eligible to vote by virtue of being over 18 years.


All schoolteachers in South Korea, Singapore, and Finland come from the top third of their school classes, but nearly half of American teachers come from the bottom third of their classes.


German core values include what many Americans decry as socialism, and what most Germans view as admirable: government support of public benefits:restriction of individual rights in order to favor the common good.


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