Bullshit Jobs: The Rise of Pointless Work, and What We Can Do About It

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  • Penguin (2019年2月7日発売)
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A couple days ago, a web article came up to a screen during my WFH reported that a study in somewhere foreign shows productivity increase by shifting 4 working days per week.
Yes, that makes sense. Once accumulate my useless time of surfing internet during working hour, it may be 8 hours.
I myself create and am stuck in my bullshitness, which can be easily eliminated.

Bullshit job. Pointless work causes numerous influence to human life and mental, what influence it is, why it comes, the book shows.

Pointlessness and bureaucracy, I find those in my job sometime. No, not sometime, very often. Rather always, this foggy feeling is far enough to distract my daily life, even though I do recognise I happily afford to maintain my life with the job.

Nothing change in my job, but, it's a step forward to know it is an universally common issue that a person stands (whether actually or just feeling) in such hazy ground.

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