The Gruffalo

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  • Macmillan Children's Books (1999年3月23日発売)
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Best Scene

Fox, owl and snake hid away being afraid of not mouse but grufallo.

About story

There was a mouse in the deep dark wood.
He met a fox, owl and snake.
They were going to eat mouse.
The mouse said he is going to have lunch with Grufallo, the scary creature.
Hearing that, they hid away.
After that, mouse met a real Grufallo!!!
Grufallo was going to eat a mouse.
The mouse said, he is the scariest creature in the wood and follow to show that.
To see Grufallo following the mouse, snake hid away.
So Grufallo knew the mouse is the scariest creature in the wood.
After that, the mouse said his favorite food is the Grufallo Crumble.
Hearing that, Grufallo run away.

What I shared with my mom

The mouse is very smart.
Its a good way ti think well and have some nice idea to defeat the stronger opponent.

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