Comet In Moominland (Moomins Fiction)

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  • Puffin (2003年1月28日発売)
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Comet in Moomin
One morning Sniff discovery never seen party before green shadow, explore together.
Curved secret. Mysterious puff. Provisions. Too busy. Far home. Then sniff started . look at the sun. sniff the air. Here it is. Right in front of him. Sniff could reach. I must be taller than I thought. Try to stop. For that moment. Spooky laughter. Eye. Terror. Just angry. Enemy. Who it was. Silk monkey. Into the forest. Evil laughter. Come on. Let’s follow. Fur cormns. Monkey swung tree to tree. Broke the silence. Interesting. Puff. Where they were. This must be a mysterious puff. Dark tunnel. Path wounding . nallower and nallower they stood still in disappearment. It must be a sea. Joy. Started running. It’s a spot swimming. Undress. Ddon’t wear cloth. He went deeper. Seaweed. Beautiful. Further down. Black hole no bottom. Sniff and silk monkey huddle togetwer. We thought you drawn. I am used to sea. Good idea too. Well. Ia m going to dive. But where box? Silk monkey. Why. You have all the fun. You come dive. Box. Dive back nt eh sea. Much faster than sniff. Head stucking. What’s in there? Ompltely disappear. Sniff cave. Rather small. Big room. Sunlight. Sparking white sand. My life. Thought S. I’ll put little shell ramp burning in the evening. M. would be surprised. M 8 shingning. Shaking. Where’s that box? But I’ve found a cave. Sandy floor. Everything said s proudly. Silk monkey follow tree. Familiar. Rain started to fall. It is started raiing. Investigate. He explained. Shiny black eyes. Point out. And now I am home less. And soaking. In fact. Said Mascarade. Glass of wine against cold. Unnessesary. Dripping all over the floor. Suddenly. Terrible crush. Running downstairs. I thought someone must break in. sat down drun each other. Even thtough it was a middle of night. I love making. Unnesseary thing. Mascarde wise man. I only hope. Flood. If it raining so hard. I fear something bad happen. Something awful now go to bed. It not good for children. In the morning. How to the blue…

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