Hillbilly Elegy: A Memoir of a Family and Culture in Crisis

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  • William Collins (2017年6月1日発売)
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When we think of "troubled" Americans, we tend to think of the minority groups. But this book was an eye-opener. A memoir of a "hillbilly" born Yale Law graduate describes the desperate situation of America's white-working class.
It turns out, the hillbillies are doing far worse than what we imagine. There is the constant overwhelming of hopelessness, drugs, addiction, too many father-figures coming in and out, and trauma. A lot of the kids in the Appalachian working class don't have a role model and don't know there is a world up the ladder.
I was impressed by Mamaw and Papaw, who always gave security to J.D. and encouraged him to educate himself to achieve the American Dream. If it were not for them, and his kind sister Lindsey and a few more others, J.D. would probably have ended up like the other hillbillies.
I finally (although still only partially) understood why Trump gained, and still gains so much support.

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