Animals in Danger (Oxford Bookworms ELT)

  • Oxford Univ Pr (1996年10月24日発売)
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1. Do animals matters?
It is important that many animals live together in the world.
Because animals make the world a richer place, a more interesting and a more beautiful place for us to live in.
We can learn a lot from animals and this helps them to understand people.

2. Why are animals in danger?
Because it is dangerous to live a day.
Some animals die because of small changes in the weather. But animals are also in danger rom our behaviour.

We want to live where we were born and where we want to die.

3. How bad is it?
After one species disappears, other species die too. The dead species was important to them - perhaps for food, perhaps because it protected them.

4. On land
Once upon a time, there were many dead body on land.
Now, there are many dead body on land.

5. In the water

6. In the sky

7. What can countries do?

The number of people in the world is getting bigger all the time. In 1850 there were one billion people in the world. In 1986 there were nearly five billion, and the last billion were born in the fifteen years before that.


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