By the Shores of Silver Lake (Little House, 5)

  • HarperCollins (2008年4月8日発売)
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They are strong. They are tough. Mary lost her sight because of Scarlet Fever, but she never complained. She just accepted, and did her best, and Laura helped with all her might. She became Mary's eyes. She explain whatever she saw. I guess this improved her writing or expressing ability. Maybe this unfortune gave her a chance to become one of the world's best known arthor.

In this book, finally they settled down. They live in the town. Now they had opportunity to earn money. But then, they had to work from dawn to nightfall.

In the big woods or the prairie, they had to do a lot of work, but all the work meant something for themselves. in the modern life, sometimes we don't know what our work mean. then it is hard to enjoy it.

I don't say the uncivilized life is better, but this book reminds me a lot of thing we are missing in materialized way of living.

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