The Witches of Pendle (Oxford Bookworms Library, Stage 1)

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  • Oxford Univ Pr (2008年3月30日発売)
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自分の母、姉、弟が witch だと証言して、彼らが処刑された後の独白がすごい。

p.37 「When I was a child, I wanted to be happy. I wanted to be warm, to wear shoes, to eat good food. I wanted someone to take care of me. That's all. My mother gave me nothing. She gave me no love. She never took care of me. (中略)and I lived hungry and cold with a witch. And so I told Judge Bromley the truth about my family. Was I wrong? I don't know.」

そして庇護者であった Mr. Nowell が亡くなった後、村人の悪意の証言によって今度は自分が魔女狩りの対象となる。

p.39 「When I was a child, I was always cold and hungry, and I hated my family because they were witches. In 1962, I told the truth, and the truth killed my family. Now, twenty-two years later, lies are going to kill me, here in Lancaster Castle, and I am cold and hungry again.」

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