Paper Towns

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  • Penguin Books (2009年9月22日発売)
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I could almost rate 5 out of 5 but to be honest with you, 4.5 out of 5. The reason why I deducted .5 is that the the part two, the Grass is kind of moving too slow. However, the plot and hook are pretty much well done, as well as the end of the part, the Vessel. At the last scene,the author let us think the ending by ourselves, which I like that way in this kind of book.
What I love this book is that I could find out the similarity of characteristics between me and the main character, Margo who was missing for a month. She is stubborn and erratic:P Especially during puberty, everybody has probably experienced about your existence value or anxiety for your future etc... The author did a pretty good job describing the feelings and thoughts of teens. I am excited to read other books of John Green.

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