Girls in Pants: The Third Summer of the Sisterhood (The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants)

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  • Dell Books for Young Readers (2007年5月22日発売)
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Lexile Level: 670L
ATOS Book Level: 4.5
Word Count: 68830

SVL12: acquiescence, alignment, amble, anvil, atheist, balm, belie, binary, bunk, cadence, circumspect, cleavage, clump, collusion, constellation, consternation, constrict, corollary, crease, crux, daunt, debit, delirious, dingy, dissipate, dribble, dune, embroidery, exasperation, finery, flinch, flit, forage, forfeit, fudge, garish, gird, glint, grate, hoist, inert, iris, jostle, ligament, loiter, lucid, mirth, mite, nostril, optimum, ovary, peevish, pounce, premonition, prim, procrastinate, puberty, quaver, rapt, recoil, rut, scowl, shin, smudge, stocky, stow, stuffy, sultry, tantalize, terminology, thud, unfurl, unkempt, vacate, vat, vestige, voluble, waft, wart, whimper, whisker, whitewash, wont, wriggle, writhe

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