Dewey the Library Cat: A True Story

  • Little, Brown Books for Young Readers (2011年4月12日発売)
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I finished reading my 27th book in English without using a dictionary today. The book is "Dewey". I'm not a cat lover, but after I finished reading it, I'd love to have a cat.

The cat had been keeping at a library in Iowa and it's a non-fiction. He became the first library cat in the world. I know some stories about companion dogs in hospital or nursery home, but I don't think we also have such the library cat like Dewey in Japan. He inspired a lot of people and he did a great job until he died. Many people had gone to library to meet him. He loved many people who have been suffering mentally like people who lost their family, jobs, or handicap people.

Although the cat was a really lovable cat, I was inspired by the author herself. She divorced and became a single mother. To survive with her little daughter, she got a bachelor degree and became a librarian. She suffered from a breast cancer. She kept studying to get a PhD to become a better librarian while working at the library. Dewey was always beside her and looked at her work. I think he was her soul mate even though he couldn't speak at all. If he weren't there, she couldn't succeed.

The story teaches us animals love us without excepting to return anything from us.   

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