Catwings Collection

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  • Orchard Books (2003年5月1日発売)
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I finished reading "Catwings collection" yesterday. They are my second to fifth books to read in English in this year. The books have four volumes. Each title is " Catwings", " Catwings Return", " Wonderful Alexander And The Catwings" and " Jane On Her Own". I figured out " Catwings" first at a book store. I turned some pages, and I loved the illustration at first sight. Those were awesome! I bought first book and read it. Since the book was written for kids, it was easy to understand. In addition to that, the illustrations helped me to imagine the strange world where cats have wings.
In my case I was attracted by the illustrations to buy them.

However, while I was continuing to read, I realized that catwings are kind of metaphor of people who are different from others. That means the people who are great deal of their personalities. It is occasionally hard for them to be accepted toward normal people.
That's because people don't like admiring their strong personalities. In the story catwings traveled around to find their own place and discovered their place to live peacefully.
The place was the houses where kids live or old woman lives.
Both kids and old woman didn't care the difference of the cats. They were rather willing to admire their difference easily. They were written as symbols of unselfish or affectionate objects.

After I read the books, I thought catwings might be kind of phantoms which only people who have pure harts can look at. Anyway, the story is very simple, but you can enjoy both wonderful illustrations and beautiful stories. I especially recommend the books to the people who are cats lover.

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