Theodore Boone: Kid Lawyer

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  • 総語数:50657横浜国立大学附属図書館蔵書検索

  • 文字が大きく、余白もそれなりにあり、ページ数が少ない。そして何より英文が易しいなと思っていたら、どうも「児童向け」の本らしい、、、うーん、中坊英語で止まっているということか、当方は。


  • 最初は法律用ががよくわからなかっですが、読み進めていくと内容がだいたい理解できました。しかし自分の英語力がたりないのか、意味不明な部分がいくつかありました。でも楽しめました。

  • 50,657words

  • (講座蔵書:#1~2、総語数約47000~50000語)

  • [図書館]


    結局親に頼って解決かよ~、とか、最後は mistrial が宣言されるだけでバシッとオチが決まる感じじゃないし、目撃者の話も実は…みたいなどんでん返しを期待してたらとんだ肩透かしだった。



    He was well known in legal circles.

    p. 135 Would the testimony of this witness help convict Mr. Duffy, or would it help acquit him?
    この他にも、無罪放免になることを He's gonna walk. って言ったり。

    p. 225 "What's the catch?"
    "There's no real catch. We want to help the Pena family get out of the shelter."

    p. 235 In legal terms, it means he might be able to cut a deal with the police. If he comes forward and testifies, then the police won't bother him. He'll be immune.

  • 子ども向けですが楽しんで読めます。語彙もそれほど難しくないので法律、法廷系統の難解な話もサラっと行けます。

  • ATOS Book Level: 5.2
    Word Count: 50657

    SVL10: ammunition, archive, aroma, artery, asphalt, asthma, baffle, barge, bout, brag, butt, composure, courtroom, debris, deceased, default, detention, drummer, dual, elude, fateful, flirt, frenzy, fret, gag, gin, hack, hog, huddle, indict, indictment, jolt, loom, loot, lousy, oatmeal, oblivious, onset, overhear, payoff, phony, poker, preoccupy, presumption, prod, projector, proximity, quarry, ramble, retrieval, rotary, rubble, scribble, scurry, shorthand, shred, shuffle, slick, sloppy, smother, spout, surveillance, tab, tangle, tee, toddler, trance, trauma, trespass, untouched, vile, wedge, woo, wooded

    SVL11: acquit, adamant, anthem, balk, blurt, booze, clutter, collateral, courthouse, cuff, curt, dire, distraught, divulge, doe, downright, exhale, fin, flurry, grudge, grunt, homicide, hustle, inhale, jeopardy, knack, lob, makeshift, mason, nag, ordinance, overshadow, peddle, pore, putt, rabid, rivet, rowdy, sizable, sliver, smug, somber, spook, sprint, squirm, stave, stint, strew, swagger, thug, veer, waive, whack, whiff, whisk

    SVL12: adjourn, aft, ail, attire, carousel, cove, dissect, evict, fir, flinch, foyer, hem, loiter, muzzle, plumb, ransack, recluse, scowl, scuffle, shifty, slither, sprite, tardy, threadbare, truant, whisker

  • YL:4.5~5.0

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