Go Ask Alice (Anonymous Diaries)

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  • アメリカに住む匿名のティーンの女の子がドラッグにはまっていく様が日記形式で綴られるストーリー。架空の物語だとはわかっていても、周りの環境や友達の影響で薬物からなかなか逃れられない姿や、薬からきっぱり手を引こうと思っても、薬に溺れる周りの人間に妬まれて危険な目に遭う日常なんかがリアルに描かれていてゾッとする…。一度手を出したら後戻り出来ないって言われるけど、それがティーンの女の子の体験談を通してありありと実感出来る本だった。ドラッグって、ほんと人生めちゃめちゃになっちゃうんだな。怖すぎる。

  • I’m done reading ” Go Ask Alice” in English without using a dictionary. It is my first book to read in English this year.

    After I read the paperback, it made me think a lot of things about drugs, sex, to run away from home, bullying or other many problems of teenagers in America.
    It was published first in 1971 in the US, and after forty years, it has still been continuing to read by many people. That’s why the book describes a lot of problems about young Americans.

    It is a diary written by a 15-year-old girl, and it is non-fiction. However, I can’t believe that it is a true story. That’s because her life was too dramatically. She was born in normal family in America. Her father was a professor of colleague. She has two siblings, and her father and mother loved her from bottom of their heart. However, she was complained of her life. It was a specific dissatisfaction peculiar to teenagers. When she turned fifteen years old, she attended a party that her classmate had. And there she drank a glass of coke within a drug without her mind. That was the start of her draggy life. She was falling steps toward the hell.
    While I was reading the book, I couldn’t help reading on the midway. It was very scary story for me.

    I have a same age daughter as her. Compared to American teenagers, I think Japanese teenagers are immature with many points. It’s because in America they have lots of freedom that they have to choose by themselves. And I think they have enough abilities to be able to choose what are right or what are wrong. On the other hand, Japanese teenagers don’t have much abilities, so we have various kinds of guidelines for them. I don’t know which is better for young people. However, it is true that Japanese teenagers also have a lot of dissatisfaction about their life.

    I want many parents to read the book, especially having teen-aged children. After they read it, they would be able to close to their children even if they already forget that they were teenagers before. I also want teenagers to read it. They also can understand how scary to take drugs is, to do against their parents is and so on. Both of them can learn a lot of things from the book.

  • 普通の女子高生がドラッグ中毒へとなっていく様を綴った日記。本物の日記です。すごく衝撃的で読み終わった後、なんかずっと考えてて苦しくなりました。本物の日記だからリアリティー抜群でコワイ。

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