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A couple days ago, I read my 43th book in English without using a dictionary this year. Two years ago, I bought the book and I tried to read it. At the time my English reading skills are not enough to read it and I gave up reading it midway. For a while I didn't care about it.

This year I made a decision to read 48 books in English without using a dictionary. I read various books and I suddenly remembered the book. This time I really enjoyed reading it. It made me feel very happy because I recognized that I've been improving my reading abilities.
The story was very good and I heard it was made a film. I'm very curious about the film now.

I've been to Florida once to visit him since one of friend of mine from America lives there. He is also interested in the environment and I've heard about a lot of stories from him. While reading the book, I remembered his stories that I've heard from him. The main character, Roy is a very smart and brave boy. I'm sure when you read it, you start thinking about what is the best to your environment. Although this book is for children, I highly recommend this book to all kind of people who love reading.

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